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Welcome to Sblash Aqua Park in North Wales. We’re here to help you get ready for a great day out. To join in with the fun, you’ll need to book your sessions below. But first, make sure you read our FAQ’s and of course the Terms & Conditions on the Booking form before completing your booking.

Sblash Aqua Park North Wales
Sblash Aqua Park North Wales
Sblash Aqua Park North Wales
Sblash Aqua Park North Wales


What is Sblash Aqua Park?

Newly opened in 2024, Sblash offers visitors a fun and energetic time on the water, balancing, climbing, sliding, jumping and having lots of great family an friends time. 

We use Union Aqua Parks Gold Standard and Aqua Glide obstacles.

Our floating Aqua Course sits on our spring fed lake above the coastal village of Penmaenmawr.

Sblash Aqua Park in North Wales

We provide wet suits, buoyancy aids and non slip socks.

We have free on site parking, changing facilities and a warm welcome from our team of trained RLSS lifeguards. If you don’t wish to participate there is a seating and viewing area on the Lake and you can help yourself to a hot or cold  drink whilst enjoying the fun.

Who is Sblash Aqua Park suitable for?

Sblash is suitable for all ages from 6 years with a min height of 1.1m (3’6”).

The ability to swim unaided at least 25 meters, and be confident in the water.

Although you will have a wet suit, the water can be cold at certain times of the year.

Sblash Aqua Park North Wales

A reasonable level of fitness is necessary, as the Aqua Park requires plenty of climbing, pulling up your body weight as well as balancing, and jumping.

For anyone who has any strains, or is suffering from any previous injury, that may have an impact, we do not recommend you use the Aqua Park.

If you are pregnant or suffer from heart related issues, as well as vertigo the Aqua Park is not suitable for you to use.

What kind of inflatable obstacles are there?

Mount Rainier, is a towering 3.8m high jumping tower with climbing ropes, steps and of course a huge slide into the water. A big challenge and not for the faint-hearted!

Bypass, crawl, slide, climb or jump through the tunnel of the Bypass.

Risky Business 20 and 30, test your skills, jumping from peak to peak, or sliding down the hills.

Wave Rider, a good resting place to prepare for the next challenge.

Union Diamond, with 2 distinct routes, the 4ft tall and 18inch wide highline will provide a thrill for the challenge seeker, or at a lower level test the concentration skill. 

Eagles Nest, at 8ft in diameter and 5ft high the Eagles Nest is the perfect platform to relax and observe the rest of the park. The rails around the outside allow other users to pass by without disturbing the Eagles Nest. 

Aqua Glide King of the Mountain, sitting on its own, swim out to the King Of the Mountain at 9ft in height, climb before jumping or sliding into the water. Looks can be deceiving, and it’s a long way down!

Aquaglide King of the Mountain at Sblash Aqua Park, North Wales

Thunderdome, this floating island can be used for climbing onto, jumping off or as an area to chill inside on a hot day. Featuring 8 raised sides, and crows nest seats, and an interior splash zone, it’s just another obstacle to test your skills.

Aqua Glide Rebound, a floating trampoline, need we say more.

Aquaglide Rebound at Sblash Aqua Park, North Wales

Aqua Glide Foxtrot, whether racing to the other side, or holding jousting matches, Foxtrot adds a real challenge for balance and a skill level to suit all kids.

Aquaglide Foxtrot at Sblash Aqua Park, North Wales

Aqua Glide, Super Tramp, another floating island with a trampoline to jump or launch from into the water. 

Aquaglide Supertramp at Sblash Aqua Park, North Wales

How long should I spend at Sblash Aqua Park?

We ask that you arrive no earlier than 30 mins before your session start time. However, please allow yourself sufficient time to get changed and watch the safety video.

On arrival in our car park, make your way to our reception where we will check you in and get you kitted out with wetsuits, buoyancy aids and non slip socks. 

Sblash Aqua Park North Wales

You can change using our outdoor changing cubicles after which we will conduct a safety briefing for all participants. 

The 10 min safety briefing will take place at the lake, and then you can go and have fun. The session lasts 50 mins.

Our RLSS lifeguards will be on site at all times.

Sblash Aqua Park North Wales

When your session is over, please make your way back to the changing areas and hand your wetsuits and buoyancy aids to our lifeguards. 

As our car parking area is relatively small we ask that you leave site once you have changed in order for us to welcome our next guests. 

Time on site between arrival and leaving is approximately 1 hour 45 mins.

How do you keep people safe?

Before arrival you will have had a chance to read through our booking conditions and rules.

It is important as the person booking that you make all of your party aware of the do’s and don’ts as well as finding out if there are any medical conditions.

These are there for your safety and those around you on the Aqua Park.

Of course the rules are displayed on site as a reminder too. 

Each person will need to sign a copy of our consent form before each session (parents and guardians sign on behalf of children).

Our pre-water briefing will be delivered by our experienced team of RLSS trained and certified lifeguards who will always be on the Aqua Park or beside it keeping a close watch.

They are there for your and others benefit so all instructions must be obeyed. 

Of course each guest must wear a wetsuit and a buoyancy aid.

Sblash Aqua Park North Wales

Each lifeguard is First Aid trained and we have rescue paddle boards on site. 

As a guest it is important to listen carefully to the safety briefing and don’t attempt anything that takes you out of your comfort zone. It is a fun activity and not a high adrenaline adventure, although aspects of it will still challenge you from balancing, sliding, jumping and bouncing.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of booking and use of Sblash Aqua Park.
Please read them carefully before making your booking ensuring that you and all members of your party are able to comply.

  • Ages from 6 years min
  • Height min of 1.1m (3′ 6″)
  • To book you must be 18 years or over
  • Anyone aged 10 to 16 will need to have adult supervision spectating onsite
  • Children aged 6, 7, 8 and 9 will need an adult to accompany them on the Aqua Park at a ratio of 1 adult to a max of 3 children
  • Well-behaved dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a lead. No pets allowed near the water. Guide Dogs welcome on site
  • Guests must be on site 30 mins before session starts. (If you are late, then there is no refund although we will do our best to re book you at another time.) It is your responsibility to be on time
  • No refund on cancellations 24 hours prior
  • All guests must attend a pre-session briefing before entering the water
  • No non-swimmers, all must be able to swim a minimum of 25m unaided
  • No spectacles to be worn on Aqua Park. Goggles or contact lenses are ok
  • No jewellery
  • YOU CANNOT USE THE PARK if you are pregnant or have any breaks and strains which would impact your ability to use the Aqua Park, or if you are unwell or have a heart condition
  • It involves a lot of climbing, pulling up your weight and is a high energy activity, which requires a reasonable level of fitness and movement
  • Wetsuits are provided although you may use your own wetsuit, min 4mm
  • Buoyancy aids provided must be worn at all times in the water, and fastened before entering the water
  • Each session lasts 50 minutes in the water
  • Parking is on site
  • We will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property

Water Safety

  • Our RLSS Lifeguards are on site for your safety and overall enjoyment of the activities
  • You must obey all instructions given and listen out for the whistle should they need to use it
  • Anyone disobeying or ignoring a lifeguard’s instructions will have to leave the Aqua Park and no refund given
  • A briefing will be given before each session starts
  • You must enter and leave the lake only at the signposted entry and exit points
  • NO visitors to site may paddle or swim in the lake, only guests who are using the Aqua Park and wearing a buoyancy aid may enter the water
  • 1 adult to a maximum of 3 children

Tips for users on the Aqua Park

  • Respect each other
  • No fighting or rough play
  • Keep clear of the splash landings
  • Check beneath you for others in the water before you jump
  • Don’t climb up the ropes behind someone else in case they slip and fall back!
  • Don’t swim under obstacles
  • No drinking of alcohol or drug use on site
  • Anyone who has been drinking alcohol prior will not be admitted
  • Only re-enter the obstacles at designated places

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